tiny For Me!

  1. TinyForme will be offering the services for the duration of it's domain purchased.
  2. Services are provided for the easiness of it's users.
  3. Access to the website may be subject to termination as facilitated by TinyForme team.
  4. Details regarding your account sign in are under the act of google sign in policies.
  5. TinyForme reserves the rights to change the policies,services and terms it offers.
  6. Currently TinyForme.com is a free service but reserves rights to make it paid.
  7. TinyForme may terminate the account or link if found the activity is indulged in bad behaviour or violating any rules.
  8. User is giving permission to TinyForme to access the website through the user's google account.
  9. Only the user is solely responsible for understanding the terms and policies of website incorrectly.
  10. User may agree that TinyForme is not responsible for any loss or damage caused due to activities of user.