tiny For Me!

  1. Your Data and Links are safe with us and we do not alter any of the data without your attention.
  2. Data provided by you is the only data we collect.Our website is just a service you use for your comfort.
  3. We expect legal behaviour from our users in terms of using valid links for shortening the url.
  4. Website uses cookies for keeping you signed in when you come back to the website.
  5. User must sign in for using addtional functionalities like editing the url, enabling/disabling the url and watch the click counts of the url.
  6. TinyForme provides API to use the functionality on your plateform. Contact us to get the API.
  7. TinyForme saves log files and it may save your IP address in it.
  8. At TinyForme, customer is first priority. So, in any kind of concerns related to privacy, directly contact us and we will sort it out.
  9. TinyForme do not have any third party access to the website except google for sign in.
  10. TinyForme do not have any credits or links to other sites, it's solely developed by TinyForme developers.